Bare Laser & Skin | Langley Aesthetic Boutique Laser Spa

Hi Guys!

Bare Laser & Skin recently opened in Langley, BC and I had the opportunity to go in and check them out. Give them a call 604-427-4243 and mention @myriskelashes for a free gift when you purchase a treatment.

They have lots to offer and they currently have an incredible grand opening promo and are offering many treatments at 50% off. A sale that they say will not come around again. Have a look at the discount prices below, but give them a call to inquire about any other treatment that I haven’t listed.

Grand Opening Promo Pricing – 50% off all Venus Legacy treatments and all Hair Removal. 

Body Contouring Promo Pricing:

Inner Thigh $90

Thigh $124.50

Butt Lift $93.50

Abs $94.50

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ashley, the owner of the Laser and Skin Clinic and I had a little body contouring procedure done that I filmed and talked about on my Instagram. You can currently watch it as I have it saved on my highlights under “Bare Laser”. I was really impressed with Ashley and how knowledgeable and professional she is. She is also really easy to talk to and made me feel really comfortable the whole time we were together.

I will have a full in depth review all about my body contouring procedures done at Bare Laser & Skin once I finish the whole cycle of 8 treatments. So stay tuned for that! I have had so many people message me about the treatment so I can’t wait to share my experience with you!

They also carry Glo Skin Beauty, a mineral makeup and skincare line that is cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, talc and many other harmful ingredients that other brands use. I took a peak at the products and it looks like an incredible brand with something to offer everyone. I can’t wait to play with the brand!!

Be sure to follow Bare Laser & Skin on instagram. They host lots of giveaways and are always posting really good demos of the treatments that they offer.

Be sure to let me know if you visit this new Boutique Laser Spa!




Thrive Causemetics | Focus Eyeshadow Palette | Review with Swatches

Hi Guys!

I am a HUGE fan of Thrive Causemetics for so many different reasons. I truly respect this brand for all that they do and how much they give back.

Please read my first review on their Cosmo Power 3D Strobing Highlighters to learn about their cause and how they give back to women in need.

For every product you purchase, one is donated to help a woman thrive!

I wanted to review their Focus Eyeshadow Palette because I am really impressed with the formula, and I find myself reaching for these eyeshadows all the time. They currently have two shade options that both feature mattes and shimmers, and they retail for $36 usd each, which to me is extremely reasonable given the quality of both the packaging and the eyeshadows themselves.

I have both palettes and I absolutely love them both because of the shades, and how they are ultra creamy, pigmented, and the way they blend so easy and effortlessly. I use a fluffy brush to apply them and the colour payoff is incredible. With one dip of a brush you get the true colour instantly on your eyes and you don’t need to use a dense brush either which I love. They are ultra creamy to the touch, even the matte ones which is pretty rare with matte eyeshadows. They are never dry or chalky and they do not crease on me. These eyeshadows are also Vegan, toxin free, and cruelty free!

Beauty With A Purpose

How beautiful is this packaging?? I love the message on the mirror and how heavy and sturdy they are. They feel very high end and are made in the USA.

Now on to the swatches. You can see from these photos that these eyeshadows are high quality and not at all dry.

Here is Palette No.1

and Palette No.2

I truly love these eyeshadows and I highly recommend them to you all! They are an absolute treat to work with and to me the formula is very unique. I am always so happy when I put these on my eyes!! If you are thinking of placing an order, please do yourself a favour and add one of these to your cart!!!

Have you tried anything from Thrive Causemetics yet??

What are your favourites from the brand??

Xo Cassandra

Charlotte Tilbury | New Bar of Gold Highlighter Palette Launching Soon

Hi Guys!!

I have been a HUGE fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar of Gold Highlighter since the day it launched a few years ago. I love everything about it. The packaging, the universally flattering shade of gold, the way it makes my face glow with a stunning wet sheen, the way it blends and can be built up…etc etc. I literally love everything about this highlighter and I truly think that all make up junkies need it. The formula is so special and I often find myself only reaching for this highlighter.

I have a full review that I did in my early blog days. If you would like to read my full thoughts and see additional photos with swatches, then please click here.

Its safe to say that I nearly had a heart attack when I found out that she is releasing a BAR OF GOLD HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE!!!! (Insert Screams Here!!).Charlotte describes her palette as “a lustrous library of light for the face and body” and features the original gold, a rose gold, and a darker gold which is said to give a bronzing effect. The palette launches on July 9th and will retail for $58 usd, which I think is absolutely reasonable for three highlighters.If you want the palette, I highly suggest you sign up for her waitlist here and be on standby because I know this palette will sell out!

Let me know down below if you plan on purchasing this palette!

Xo Cassandra

Benefit Cosmetics | A Perfect Mascara For Every Lash!!

Hi Guys!

Benefit Cosmetics is well known for their They’re Real Lengthening Mascara, in fact its the #1 best-selling prestige mascara in Canada!! Now they have 3 incredible mascaras that promise to volumize, curl & lift, and lengthen. What are your mascara needs and preferences??!! Chances are Benefit has you covered!!

“May your brow game be strong, lashes long, and hustle on!”

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara– $32 – “Bigger, Bolder, Sexier Lashes”

I love this mascara and I have gone through countless tubes of it. Whenever Sephora has these as perks I always pick up another tube so that I always have a backup!! This mascara is said to be long-wearing and smudge-proof and I fully agree. I love how it volumizes my tiny, short, straight lashes and how it lengthens them as well. When I use the wand and wiggle it from side to side at the base of my lashes I find that this really helps to add the most volume and lash separation. I then take the end of the wand and move it in an upward motion to lengthen and further separate my lashes and I find that this is the best technique for me to get my largest lashes. Benefit has a really fantastic YouTube video showing a demonstration of this mascara, click the above link and scroll down to find it. I found this tutorial to be so helpful to really maximize all the benefits of the mascara and I definitely learned some new tricks from them to get my best lashes.

Roller Lash Curling Mascara – $32 – “Curl Power” 

This mascara contains provitamin B5 and serin, ingredients known for their lash-conditioning benefits. My preferred way to use this mascara is to curl my lashes, apply two coats, then I apply two more coats of the BadGal Bang Mascara on top to really plump up and volumize my short, straight lashes. Im sad to say that this mascara is my least favourite of the three as I know this has become a cult classic on YouTube and Instagram. I just don’t find that it plumps up my lashes enough for me to feel satisfied only wearing this mascara. It does lift and lengthen them, but I prefer a mascara that really volumizes and plumps up my lashes as the other two do. My lashes are very straight, and very short and sparse so my preference is always the thicker the better. For those of you that have naturally long and thick lashes, I have heard that this mascara is holy grail status so I do recommend it to you!!

BadGal Bang! Volumising Mascara – $32 – “Lashes out of this world”

This mascara is definitely my favourite of the three! It makes a HUGE difference for me in length and volume, whereas most mascaras on the market don’t make any kind of impact. It is smudge-proof and water-resistant and can be built up layer after layer without looking overly chunky or unattractive. It is said to create massive volume without weighing down lashes and I agree 100%. The brush is super slim making it easy to wiggle the wand from roots to lash tip, inner corner to outer corner, and I also find it easy to use on my tiny lower lashes. Truth be told, I don’t even have to curl my lashes beforehand for this mascara to plump up my naturally teeny tiny lashes. I currently have a tube of this in my purse at all times and I would have to say that this is one of my all time favourite mascaras (there is only two in total fyi!!). Plus have you seen the incredibly stunning packaging!!! If you love their They’re Real Mascara, this is that but on some serious steroids!!! This mascara is a total show stopper from the inside out and I highly recommend picking it up!!

All of these Mascaras come in a mini size that are $17 each or you can purchase their Mascara-Rama value set that includes all three Mascaras in the mini size, for $26 which is an amazing deal if you ask me!! Its the perfect set to try all three mascaras to find out which works best for you, or a fab gift idea!!

Have you tried any of these Mascaras?? What’s your favourite of the three??

Xo Cassandra

Charlotte Tilbury | Eyes To Mesmerise | Review with Swatches

Hi Guys!

Charlotte Tilbury has been one of my favourite brands for awhile now. I have quite a few things in my collection that I use and love, and I have yet to come across a product from her that I dislike.

She is such an Iconic brand, her packing is luxe and drool worthy, and she knows her makeup and skincare well.

I have reviewed her Bar of Gold Highlighter in my early blog days. If you would like to have a look, then please click here to read my thoughts.

I recently tried her Eyes To Mesmerise Long-Lasting Cream Eyeshadow and I am so impressed with how easy these are to apply, how stunning the shades are, and how beautiful the formula is.


• Revolutionary water-infused formula has a cooling effect on hard-working eyes

• Easy glide-on formula won’t drag on your delicate eye area

• Vitamin E hydrates & provides antioxidant protection from free radicals


Bette: Amber Gold

Rose Gold: Warm Pink with Gold Undertones

She currently has eight shades, with two of them being online exclusives.

I absolutely love this formula and find that it lasts me 8+ hours without creasing. I like to use my finger to pat on the colour, and a fluffy brush to blend it into my crease. Both ways work really easy and well. If I want a very light wash of colour on my lids, I use a fluffy brush only to apply the eyeshadow, and when I want more pigmentation, I use my finger to pat the colour onto my lids. Under each shade Charlotte demonstrates how she uses these and shows just how easy they are to apply. Just scroll down and you will see her YouTube video.

I often use these on my insta-stories and I will be doing my own little tutorial soon, so be sure you follow me on my Instagram account.

If you enjoy using cream eyeshadow, I highly recommend checking these out! I can’t wait to go to my nearest Charlotte Tilbury counter so I can see all her other colours and choose the ones I want next!

Did you hear that Charlotte Tilbury is coming to Sephora?!! I almost died when I heard the news! I don’t know the date yet, but it sounds like it will be happening soon!

I hope you found this review helpful!

Xo Cassandra

Artis Brushes: Fluenta 5 Brush Set Review

Hi Guys!

I am a self professed makeup junkie and a makeup brush junkie! There is just something about a good makeup brush that I can appreciate! And I truly do believe that a flawless application starts with a good makeup brush!

I first discovered Artis Brushes quite a few years ago when my husband surprised me with the Elite Gold Oval 7. The Gold Version is no longer available, but here is the platinum version.

I wanted to review the Fluenta 5 Brush Set for you guys because I have been using these brushes for almost 8 months now and I would have to say that they are a huge staple in my brush collection.

This set comes with five brushes that can be used for many different applications. Below are some of the suggested uses directly from the Artis Website. If you click the above link and scroll down, you will also see a chart that suggests more uses for each brush. My advice is to never be afraid to try using brushes for different things even if they are not suggested to be used that way. What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. I always play around with my brushes to try to find my perfect brush, and perfect application.

  • Oval 6 – Foundation, Blush, Contour
  • Oval 4 – Eye makeup, Contour, Concealer
  • Oval 3 – Eye makeup, Concealer, Skincare
  • Linear 1 – Eye liner, Brows
  • Circle 1 – Lip colour, Eye shadow, Spot Concealer

Of these five brushes, my two favourites have to be the Oval 6 and the Oval 4. These two are my most used, and most treasured!! I love to use the Oval 4 to lay down cream contour. It makes perfect lines exactly where my contour is meant to be and fits my face contours perfectly. I then take the Oval 6 to blend out the cream contour and it is so quick and easy. I have demonstrated this many times on my insta stories to show just how easy these brushes are to use. Make sure you follow me on Instagram as I always talk about these brushes and I show how I like to use them.

I love that you only need to use a little bit of product as these brushes make makeup go a very long way, less is always more when using Artis, especially when using cream products. Be sure to use soft and gentle back and forth strokes, and always glide the brush across your skin, never pounce or stipple as you would with traditional brushes. Also make sure you never pour liquids directly onto the bristles as often shown on Instagram!! You don’t want the makeup to seep deep down into the fibre bundles. It took me a bit of time to get use to using these brushes as they are very different from traditional makeup brushes, but once you get the hang of them, I promise you will be hooked because the outcome is always flawless.

Canadians can now purchase the Fluenta Collection, the Cleaning Pad, and the Cleansing Foam at Holt Renfrew Canada in store and online! For all my fellow Canadians, have a look here to see what Holt Renfrew has to offer. I have also been seeing some Artis Brushes at Winners in Canada, so make sure to keep checking because you may score big!!

I have already reviewed the Artis Brush Cleaning System on my blog, if you are curious click here to give it a read. I do personally think that this cleaning system is very worth the price and very necessary for keeping your Artis Brushes, and other brushes in your collection clean!

It is safe to say that I love these brushes and I highly recommend them to you guys!! I definitely want to keep adding to my collection. Next on my wish list would have to be the Elite Mirror Oval 6 and the Palm Brush Mini.

Did you guys know that some of the Artis Brushes are now sold at Sephora Canada!!!!  There is a god!

I hope you guys liked this review!!

Xo Cassandra

Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation – Review with Swatch

Hi Guys!

Cover FX is well known for their Custom Enhancer Drops, both the foundation drops, and their ever so famous illuminating drops.

I wanted to review this foundation for you guys because I think it deserves just as much credit and recognition. I received quite a few sample cards from Sephora and I have worn this foundation about 5 times now… but I knew from the first application that I was in love.

“A water-based liquid foundation that imparts a radiant finish to the skin”

When I first tried this Natural Finish Foundation I was instantly impressed. It truly gives such a healthy radiance to the skin, covers the redness in my face with just one layer, and it builds up really well to give medium / full coverage. It never feels heavy on the skin and looks like your skin but 100x better!! Just see my selfie below. I am glowing and I look naturally radiant!!

This foundation is Vegan, Free of Parabens, Fragrance, Gluten, mineral Oil and Talc.

Cover FX has a shade system which is based on undertone and is broken down into three categories.  Neutral, Pink, and Golden. I fit into the Neutral and Golden category. What I really love about Cover FX is that their foundation shades are all the same. When you find a match in one foundation, it will be the same shade in their other foundations. See the photo below explaining how to find your perfect shade! I took this off of Sephora’s website and I find it to be really helpful.

This foundation has a wide shade range with 40 shades which means it is easy to find a shade match for most people!! I normally wear N40, but as I am getting more of a tan I have been mixing in G50 and this seems to be a good match for me.

I have combo skin that gets oily in my tzone so I like to apply this foundation with a foundation brush, or my Real Techniques Dual-Ended Expert Sponge used dry. This helps the foundation to work a little better on my combo skin and does not go on as dewey as it would if I used a damp beauty sponge. I then use a damp beauty sponge to press a mattifying loose setting powder into my tzone to really help extend the wear of this foundation. I would definitely say that this foundation is better suited for normal to dry skin types, but with setting powder and blotting powder, combo skin girls and boys can make this work very well, especially during the drying winter months!

I am wearing this foundation on a day when I was suffering from a really bad breakout. It covered all my redness and discolouration so easily. I did not use a filter or edit this selfie in any way and this photo was taken in natural light. I wanted you guys to be able to see just how stunning this foundation is on!!

You can shop this foundation at Sephora here.

I highly suggest getting a sample of this foundation to see if it works for your skin type. And if you feel that this is far too dewey for you, I suggest checking out their new Power Play Foundation which is a modern-matte blurring foundation, another foundation from Cover FX that I absolutely love and will be reviewing soon.

I hope you found this review helpful! I will be picking up a bottle of this foundation soon because I love the way it makes my skin look!

What’s your favourite foundation?? Let me know down below.

Xo Cassandra