Preven’s Paris Deodorant Wipes


So this seems like a totally random thing to blog about, but I really love these handy little wipes and had to share them with you!! 

I love having these in my purse, especially for long days, beach days or when im travelling. They honestly are so handy especially when its hot out and you dont have the time to shower.

They can be used as deoderant, or just if you feel like you need to be refreshed. I like to use these and then apply my deodorant after…especially on hot summer days. 

They are free from alcohol and aluminium salts…and are suppose to clean and purify your skin and maintain your skins natural balance gently. 

This brand also has antiseptic wipes, makeup remover wipes, intimate wipes, salt removing wipes, self tanning wipes and face & body refreshing wipes. Although I havent seen or tried any of these other wipes, if I found them in store I would definitely pick up a few!! 

Heres the website if you want to give them a try! 

Prevens Paris

I purchase mine in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart. Im not sure which stores in the states sell them, but keep you eye put for them!!

Have you guys tried these? Or any other brand deoderant wipes? Let me know which ones you love. 


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10 comments on “Preven’s Paris Deodorant Wipes”

  1. Hey there! I LOVE these but can’t seem to find them here in Canada anymore 😦 Have you seen them, or the Pacifica ones, anywhere? I fly out for a month long trip before they would arrive if I bought them online 😦

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    1. Hi Joselyn!! I use to buy these at shoppers drug mart and winners!! But since i discovered the pacifica ones i get get those now… which i purchase online.


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