Modified Dual Shimmer Blush

Hi Guys!

I wanted to share some swatches with you of the blush I received from

I LOVE this blush! It’s creamy to the touch, extremely pigmented and has a nice sheen, but this colour does not have a shimmer as the name says.  I definately reccomend using a light hand when applying this blush!

Click here to view details and see both blush colours

Unfortunately the website does not have English as an option, so it makes navigating the website a little tricky…but if you know another language there is lots of other options.  Just click the language option in the top right corner.

The colour that I have is 02 and is a beautiful coral / pink depending if you use the two colours mixed together.  I like to focus my brush on the outer colour to get more of the peachy/pink-coral colour.

This compact is very durable and has a nice weight to it. It feels like a high-end compact and surprisingly it only costs $5.26 usd!!

I love blush that has two colours in it like this one. It gives you the control to customize your colour and you end up being able to get three blush colours with one compact which is ideal for travel.

If you want to give this blush a try, I have a coupon code to share with you! It will give you 10% off plus free shipping. Use CND10 at checkout! This blush is definitely worth it, especially at this price with the discount!

(This was the first time I wore this blush, so I am wearing a very light layer making it hard to see in the photo)

Happy Shopping!!


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