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Hi Guys!

I have been a long-time fan of the Canadian Beauty Brand, Bite Beauty.  Long before Influenster Canada sent me these three Lip Crayons to review, I had purchased (and repurchased) so many of their products.  From their lip primer, lip mask, lip wipes, lip glosses & lip crayons.  I have tried many of their product line with my own money!!

What I love about this brand is that their products contain natural and organic ingredients that are actually good for you!  I believe that makeup should never contain harmful ingredients…especially lip products, when we are likely to ingest them.

I also really enjoy their packaging.  I find them to be very aesthetically pleasing and I have never had any problems with caps breaking or gloss leaking.

Now lets move on to their Matte Creme Lip Crayons and my review!!

These are the colours I was sent:

  1. Cava – a Lilac Beige
  2. Glace – a Dusty Mauve
  3. Red Velvet – a Rich, Deep Red

Three Key facts about this formula:

  1. A creamy lip crayon that delivers a matte wash of colour
  2. Naturally derived orange peel wax protects and seals in moisture
  3. Long-wearing and water resistant for precise application and a bold finish

See below the description from the Sephora Canada Website:

What it is: 
A collection of lip crayons in timeless matte shades that provide superior hydration.

What it does: 
Bite Beauty’s latest breakthrough formula boasts a collection of beautiful nudes, striking reds, and deep burgundies with a matte yet moist texture. The secret is the moisture-locking power of orange peel wax along with the antioxidant properties of resveratrol. Each gorgeous shade is water-resistant and long wearing.

I fully agree with these descriptions!  These matte lipsticks feel so comfortable on the lips. They never dry or flake, and are always always moisturizing.  They glide on really smooth and are easy to apply without a lipliner.  I will say though that with the darker colours I do find that I need a lipliner…especially with Red Velvet, but in no way does this bother me.  Wearing lipliner helps the longevity of a lipstick anyways!

These retail for $28 Canadian.  That is a little pricey, but you are paying for high-quality ingredients, AND luxury packaging and a top notch product.  I personally find these lipsticks to be worth the price tag, and I did buy three of these on my own long ago.

Purchase Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayons Here:

Bite Beauty often has really great gift sets which I highly recommend!!  See my recommendations below:

Matte Crème Lip Crayon Collection – This set costs $360 and contain 18 full-sized Matte Lip Crayons of their bestselling shades!  This would make any lipstick junkie squeal with joy!!  And when you break it down, the lipsticks in this set work out to $20 each!

Best Bite Redux – This set contains four deluxe-sized Matte Creme Lip Crayons in a reusable tin and retails for $29.  I love this set and that pink shade is to die for!!

I hope you liked my review!!  Let me know what you would like to read next!!

And again THANK YOU Bite Beauty & Influenster Canada for choosing me to review these Lip Crayons!!

Xo Cassandra

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