My 2017 Makeup Related New Years Resolutions

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Hi Everyone and a very late Happy New Years! I hope 2017 brings you so many positive blessings, and all your heart desires!!

I wanted to share with you my Makeup related New Years Resolutions, and also hear yours as well!

I know this is a very late post, but the holidays are always crazy with all the Christmas parties, my husbands birthday in December, our wedding anniversary in November, my sons birthday January 2nd, and so on… the chaos takes awhile to die down in this house!

So, I have a few goals this year! Here goes…

  1. Think long and hard before buying more makeup!
  2. When buying new makeup, make sure its something Im actually going to use.
  3. Use up the makeup that I currently have… Project pan 2017 is in full effect!!
  4. Recycle all those damn empty makeup boxes!!! Why oh Why did I save so many in  2016!!! Byyyeeeeeee
  5. Blog more!!
  6. Focus on growing my blog and Instagram, but also know when to take a break!

Cant wait to hear what resolutions you guys have!!


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