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Hi Guys!!

I was lucky enough to receive another Bite Beauty Box from Influenster.  This time featuring their new lip pencils!  They sent me two colours free to try for testing purposes.  #020, which is a gorgeous beige nude, and #044, which is a dark, vampy rich mahogany.

The collection features 22 colours that are said to be neutral, lip-tone inspired shades.

Here’s how these pencils are described on

“Bite Beauty’s lightest formula yet, it offers addictively creamy coverage that’s so lightweight it feels like nothing on your lips”

I fully agree with this description.  These pencils feel so good on the lips.  They are long-lasting, creamy, and so hydrating as they are made with shea butter.  You can even see how creamy these are in my swatches.

I can honestly say that I love how these pencils wear on the lips, and I am so happy I was chosen to review these!  I will definitely be picking up a few more in the nude / pink family!

Now I do want to say one complaint I have with these.  The ends of the pencils tend to come off quite easy which I find really annoying, BUT they can easily be fixed with glue, maybe even eyelash glue lol.  See photo below to see what I mean. 

Have you tried these?? How do you like them?

Thanks for reading!


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4 comments on “Bite Beauty #TheLipPencil”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try some Bite Beauty lipsticks, and I am definitely going to get on them after reading this! They look so creamy! ❤ ❤ great review x


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