Milk Makeup Blur Stick


I know you’ve all seen this handy little stick all over Instagram…

It claims to minimize pores and fine lines, prime, and keep you matte… all key things I look for in a beauty product, so I knew I had to try it!!

As soon as it was available for purchase through Sephora Canada I scooped it up.

Let me give it to you straight…

I REALLY wanted to love this Blur Stick…but sadly I do not like it at all, and I will be returning it to Sephora (thank god for their awesome return policy).

Here is what I do not like about this product:  I find the stick to be really stiff.  It does not glide on the skin at all.  I found that I really had to work to get product onto my face…and on my medium skin tone it did not blur the way it claims to.  I also do not love how fat the tube is… if it were slimmer it would be easier to apply to smaller areas of the face (i.e. sides of the nose).  They do however, have a kit that features four mini’s, including a mini blur stick, so that may be a good option for some!

I have read other reviews, and I think this stick works better on lighter skin tones, even though they claim this stick is colourless.  Maybe the colour translates onto lighter skin creating a better blurring effect, than on my medium skin.

I really hate that this is a negative review, but I wanted to be honest because I know how sought after this product currently is.

Now I do love Milk Makeup as a brand, and I love what they stand for, and I will continue to purchase other products from their line as they have so many things I want to try!  And I absolutely love their logo, and their clean packaging.

Sorry Milk Makeup, I still love you guys!!!

Xo Xo Cassandra




6 comments on “Milk Makeup Blur Stick”

  1. Thanks for the honest review, I have been so unsure about whether to try this or not! Also definitely checking if Australian Sephora has an awesome returns policy too haha

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  2. Thanks for the honest review. It has been on my want list and I have olive toned skin ~ so the smaller try me kit might be right up my alley without purchasing full size!

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