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Hi Guys!!

I wanted to share with you a few products I received from Influenster & Shiseido.  When I found out I was getting some products from Shiseido I squealed in excitment!!  You may or may not know that I am a Skincare Junkie!!  I love taking care of my skin and I love discovering new brands and products!

They sent me four products to try, which were all new to me.

Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother Serum – I really like this serum!! Not only is it noncomedogenic, it instantly absorbs oil and smooths pores as it claims.  When I first received the product I smoothed it onto my hand and it made my skin look so much better.  All the fine lines and texture on my hand were noticeably blurred out!!  It really is a smart filter!!  I will insert a photo below so you can see what I mean!  It took me a few tries to get the right skincare combo to keep me matte (I’m oily / combo skin and my oils always break through).  When I wear this serum with my Nars Smooth & Protect Primer on top, I stay significantly more matte than if I wore my Nars primer alone.  So it’s safe to say that I will continue using this combo and I am so happy this product was sent to me!  I would not have discovered this otherwise.  I do have two tiny complaints… A. The bottle is very small… but I guess a little does go a long way.  B. It makes your fingers feel a little dry and a little odd after applying it with you finger tips, but hey, I guess that’s another positive because you can feel that it really does work!!  You can also use this serum ontop of your makeup for touch ups, but I have yet to try it that way.  I will try it and let you guys know how it works for me!  Overall I give this serum two thumbs up and I will be repurchasing this when I run out!!  I have been on the hunt for something that keeps me matte through the day and I cant believe I finally found it!!

Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask – I LOVE sleeping masks!!  How easy is it to slap a mask on before bed and let the products do their work while you sleep…Brilliant if you ask me!!  This mask claims to make your complexion clearer, brighter, and more radiant… now since they gave me a teeny tiny sample, I can’t say whether or not these claims are true, BUT I do know that I love the texture of this mask, and it felt really nice when I applied it on my face.  I will be purchasing a full size… that’s how much I liked it!!

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate – I really like this product, but I was a little confused as to what exactly it is… Sephora’s website describes this product as “a one-of-a-kind boosting pre-treatment that helps defend against multiple signs of aging and damage, while enhancing the effects of skincare that follows” — You are suppose to use this after cleansing, and toning, and before serum.  I personally do not like the extra step… but I like this product enough to keep using it.  I also did get another one as a beauty deal from Sephora so I will use that one up as well.  I have heard others complain about the fragrance from this product, but I do not find it to be too fragrant at all… and I have a very sensitive nose.  I have read many good reviews, so Im excited to see if this actually helps with my monthly hormonal blemishes.  I will keep you guys posted after I use up both of my samples!!

Ibuki Quick Fix Mist –  I LOVE facial sprays.  I have a ton in my collection… but so far this one is not blowing me away.  The sample I have does not spray properly… instead of being a nice fine mist, it kind of shoots out in different spurts.  This could be because of the small sample size, so I will be checking out the full size at Sephora to see if it sprays better.  I also find it to be quite fragrant, but once dry, the scent is completely gone.  If you are sensitive to strong smells, you may not like this.  But I do notice that the more I use it, the less I notice the scent.

Thanks so much for reading my review and thanks again to Influenster Canada and Shiseido for sending me these products free to try!!  I am ever so greatful to test out such high end products!!

XO Cassandra

@Shiseido and @InfluensterCA #PhotoReadySkin #contest

I wore this combo the other day and I did not have to blot ALL day!!!  I stayed matte!!!!  If you have these products, give this combo a try!!! 

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  1. Thanks for writing this up!!! I was hoping to get the box and did not so vicariously living through blogs like yours right now 🙂 I have the power concentrate too and i use it when I’m in the mood for extra steps- I like how quickly it absorbs into skin

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