Colourpop Cosmetics | Blotted Lip & Ultra Blotted Lip Review with Swatches


Hi Guys!

One of my favourite beauty brands is hands down Colourpop Cosmetics!!  The quality of their products is on par with many high end brands, and most items are only $5!!!!  If you have not purchased any Colourpop yet, I highly HIGHLY recommend you place an order right now!!  You basically cannot go wrong with any of their products!

Have a look at my Instagram page, as I always post Colourpop goodies.

Colourpop just recently launched these two new lip formulas.  The Blotted Lips currently have 11 colours to choose from, I have 8 of them.  And the Ultra Blotted Lips have 8 colours, I currently have 5 of them.

Both formulas are SO good!!  Probably my favourite formulas of all!!  And by far my favourite formulas within the Colourpop brand.

The Blotted Lips retail for $5.  The Formula is light weight, matte yet hydrating, creamy, surprisingly pigmented and some colours dont really transfer.  When I first tried these, I was shocked how pigmented they were.  They are described as sheer so I was not expecting much colour payoff… but most of them definitely are not sheer, and the lighter colours build up quite easy.  These are a dream come true on the lips!!  I am obsessed to say the least.  I have read quite a few other reviews that say these are not creamy, I do not agree… these are SO creamy, just in a different way than their regular lippie stix.  For the ones that are more pigmented, I use my finger to blot on my lips to diffuse the colour more as I am obsessed with the “popsicle” lip look.  I am beyond happy with this product and I cant belive they are only $5!!! Colourpop please release more colours PRONTO!!!

Here are my swatches of the colours I currently own:

The Ultra Blotted Lips retail for $6 usd.  This formula is so unique.  It is so light-weight and somehow smoothes the liplines out even though the lipstick is matte.  They go on smooth and dry almost instantly, but not too quick where you feel like you need to rush the application.  These ones have more coverage than the Blotted Lips do, but I also like to diffuse the colour with my finger to create more of a “popsicle” lip.  These can feel a little drying at times, although no where near as drying as regular liquid lipsticks and they do not crack at all or look crusty after hours of wear.  I am so happy with this formula as well and definitely prefer these over traditional liquid lipsticks.  If you are on the fence about trying the ultra blotted lips, I say pick up one to see how you like it!!  I think you will instantly fall in love.

Here are my swatches of the colours I currently own:

If you’re in Canada, you will have to pay duties, but in my opinion it is worth it.  Also, Colourpop often has free shipping over a certain amount, and if you have never placed an order from them before it will be easy to pick enough products to get free shipping!  They also always have promos, check out their Promo Page to see what goodies you can get for free at checkout!  I have received free eye shadow palettes, free highlighters, and free ultra satin lips to name a few!! 

Happy Shopping!  I hope you love this review as much as I loved writing it!! 

Xo Cassandra





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