Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Hi Guys!

Men are always so hard to shop for, so I thought I would put together a little list of ideas for the men in your life to make shopping a little easier for you!

Here are a few things I have purchased for my husband over the years that he has loved.

YSL Deodorant – He gets one or two of these every Christmas.  Check them out in store because they have a few different kinds.

Burberry Deodorant – This is not the exact Burberry deodorant I have purchased for my husband, but I am sure this one is good as well!!  And who doesn’t love a little high end deodorant once in a while!

Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani Deodorant – Just another Deodorant my husband loves!!

Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil – Beard oil is a must for all the bearded men in your life.  It conditions and takes away the itch as I’ve heard!  If you don’t want to splurge on Tom Ford there are tons of other affordable brands like this Jack Black one.

Tom Ford Beard Comb – If he has a beard, he needs a comb (period).

Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub – I use this face scrub as well!! It’s so good.

Jack Black Lip Balm – I especially love that this lip balm has SPF in it.

Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit –  I haven’t purchased this kit, but I love this brand and it looks like a good little package!!

First Aid Beauty Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes – I thought these were really good for after the gym!  Something nice and easy for a man to freshen up!!

Escents Aroma Diffuser – A room diffuser is so nice to have! I highly recommend picking one of these up!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – My husband is obsessed with Eucalyptus oils in particular and it has so many beneficial properties!  Read up on it and you’ll want to try Eucalyptus oil as well!

Travel Diffuser for the Car – This was such a good find and its so nice to have essential oils in the car to help ease stress on the road!

Bath & Body Stress Relief Hand Cream – This whole Stress Relief line is SO good… I highly recommend this hand lotion, the candles, hand soap, and body wash!!!!

Tom Ford Black Orchid – Technically this is a woman’s perfume BUT, I find this scent to be really strong and musky, and more on the masculine side, that’s why I purchased it for him!  Every time he wears this, he gets so many compliments!!  So I think I did good!

Creed Millesime Imperial Fragrance – This cologne is SO expensive, but such a treat to get on a special occasion (or if you’re totally in a jam!) and it smells amazing!!  Next time you’re at Nordstrom get a little sample to see how it smells!

Bond No.9 New York –  Sorry guys but here’s another pricey cologne that my husband loves!!!  If you’re feeling spendy I say head to Barneys and check them out!!  The packaging is to die for and so many of these smell so good!!

Now for the sentimental gifts!!

A photo book from ChatBooks – I love these little books!  I have made a few of them already from my Instagram account as well as my husbands and what I love about them is that if copies your photo caption as well as the location the photo was taken…if you want to include that!

Collage.com Photo Blanket – This is the ultimate gift!!!  I have made these for my husband and other family members and they absolutely died when they opened them!!  Such a wonderful keepsake and they often have sales / promo codes!!!  Plus they are actually really easy to make!

Shutterfly Photo Book – I LOVE these books because our generation does not really print photos any more.  Everything is just on our phones or on the cloud and I think that’s so sad!!  I like having photos printed so that our children will have these memories down the road.  I either make these ones or iPhoto books, but Shutterfly always has sales / promo codes.  I have the app so it makes making these books so easy!

I hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day!!  Let me know what you ended up getting for the men in your life!! 

Xo Cassandra


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