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Hi Guys!

I wanted to share this awesome brand that I discovered on Instagram with you all… Ittsē.com ((pronounced it-see))

Here’s a little bit about the company:

Ittsē is based out of San Francisco, and all their products are made in the USA.  They do not test on animals and are PETA certified cruelty free.  Their palettes are made of vegan leather, their products are paraben-free and gluten-free and all of their packaging is 100% recyclable.

Have a look at their website as they have so many different products ranging from eyeshadows, to translucent powders, to primers.

They sent me two cheek products and I wanted to share them with you as I really like the company, what it stands for, and also the quality of these two products and how they perform for me.

I received their illuminator in Barbados, and their cheek colour in Marrakesh.

Both of these products swatched beautifully on my arm.  When swatched with my finger the illuminator was very buttery and smooth and the blush was a little stiff feeling, but not in a bad way… more-so in a way that made me feel that this blush has some staying power when worn on the face.

When I first swatched this blush I knew I had to go in with a dual fiber brush and a light hand!!  And I love that!!  This blush is beautifully pigmented and blended out so easy!!  Im tired of light blushes that I need to build up and build up and barely show any colour on my face.  I was blown away by this blush!  I don’t normally go with blush colours of this shade, but Im happy to introduce something new and different to my collection.

The illuminator also REALLY impressed me.  And to be honest, I am VERY picky when it comes to highlighters.  I was really impressed by how this wore on my face.  It built up really nicely (I like to cake on that highlight), and it gave me a really beautiful bright almost wet kind of glow!  It does show a bit of texture on my skin, but nothing that would hinder me from using this brand.  I definitely want to try their other illuminator shades!!

All of their pans are magnetic and can be housed in their empty customizable palettes.  Have a look at them, they currently have six different colours to choose from and I hear they are making more colours.  The gold one is speaking to me!!

Im hooked on this brand and I think I want to try one of everything!

Have you tried any Ittsē products??  Let me know your thoughts down below!!

Xo Cassandra

How cute is this sticker sheet that’s included in orders $100 and over!!

Pan size comparisons


3 comments on “In The Spotlight | Ittsē.com”

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  2. I have heard a little bit about ittse and everything has been super positive. For some reason I haven’t checked them out yet! The swatches look beautiful!

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