Origins Clear Improvement Review


Hi Guys!

I have been having some issues with my skin, and I’ve been trying a few new different products to try to help clear up my breakouts.  Then Origins (as though they knew I needed help) sent me this Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleansing Powder to Clear Pores (now that was a mouthful lol) to try!

This cleansing powder is good for Normal, Oily & Combination skin.  I have combination skin, oily in my Tzone.  And is said to help with pores, dullness & uneven texture and oiliness.

It is described as “a daily water-activated powder cleanser that purifies, exfoliates, and visibly reduces pores”

This is definitely something I would have purchased on it’s own, so I am so happy and so grateful that they sent this to me!!

I have never tried a powder cleanser like this before and I really like it!!!  It leaves my skin so smooth and soft and my pores really do appear to be getting tighter / smaller after using it every single morning for almost two weeks.  I really like it and I think this is a wonderful product!

How I use this cleansing powder:

I sprinkle some into my dry palm, then I add a little water to thin it out.  I do not add too much water as I like it to be thicker in consistency.

Sometimes I add even less water to make more of a paste and apply it like a mask and leave it on for a few minutes while I shower.

This powder cleanser can be used once a day, as well as a couple times a week as a mask.

Just a little tip: I do not keep the bottle in my shower as I am afraid condensation will get into the bottle.

Thank You again to the Origins Canada Team for sending this to me!!  They nailed it once again with another awesome skincare product!!

Xo Cassandra


2 comments on “Origins Clear Improvement Review”

  1. I have not tried much origins but have heard countless good things about their brand. I will have to check out this cleanser. It sounds so cool!

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