Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Lipstick


Hi Guys!!

I know you have all heard of the brand Kaplan MD, but if you have not, they are a luxury skincare brand created by Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Dr. Stuart Kaplan, M.D.  His products are always seen floating around Instagram and Youtube, with good reason!!I was recently sent one of their new Perfect Pout Lipsticks.  This lipstick promises to moisturize, repair, add natural fullness, and best of all it includes an SPF of 30!!

“Luxuriously smooth, rich lip colour combined with extraordinary lip plumping technology”

This lipstick currently comes in 6 shades.  I received Santa Monica, which is described as a nude with pink undertones.  At first I was worried it would be too light for my medium / tanned complexion but, as I feel like most light nudes are too hard for me to pull off, but this colour wears well on me without washing me out!!  It is light, but not so light that I feel like I look dead!!  It has a beautiful satin sheen to it, that is not overly glossy.  Santa Monica is light, but builds up very easily, which is probably why it is so easy to wear.  It’s the perfect finish and I can easily apply it without looking into a mirror which I love.

These are said to naturally plump the lip contour, hydrate with intense moisture, visibly smooth away fine lines, instantly soften and refine texture, and protect with SPF 30 sunscreen!  I always get freckles on my lips in the summer, so having an SPF in my lip products is so important to me.

These retail for $30 usd and the key ingredients are 22 Certified Organic Extracts, Maxi-Lip, Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, Beeswax & Candelilla Wax.  They are formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Gluten, Castor Oil, and Petroleum Jelly.

Let me tell you, this lipstick feels so hydrating on the lips!!  It has almost the same minty scent as their lip balm, which disapears fast when applied on the lips.  I just cant believe how soft and moist these go on!  They feel like a highend lip balm!!  I love that these plump the lips without that harsh burning sensation and I also love the unique & classy packaging.  It twists up from the bottom and can easily be done with one hand.  On my radar is Beverly (Deep, warm-toned pink with brown undertones) & Roxbury (Clear with a subtle, pearl finish).  I definitely need a few more!

Use code: PERFECTPOUT for free domestic shipping when you purchase one of the Perfect Pout Lipsticks!!

I want to be very clear that I will always give my honest review even when companies send me products for free.  I will either give my honest opinion , or I won’t say anything at all, so you can always trust my recommendations and my thoughts when you read my blog!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review!  Have you tried one of these lipsticks yet??  If not, I think you need to!!  Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Kaplan MD!

Take care, and talk soon!!

XO Cassandra

(Indoor swatch)

6 comments on “Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Lipstick”

  1. First of all you have very beautiful hair and you take such stunning pictures. This shade a looking very pretty on you. The packaging of this lipstick is beautiful. 🙂


  2. I seriously love these lipsticks I personally have not used his skincare line but I’ve heard amazing things about them . I also received one of these lipsticks for reviewing purposes in the shade Beverly and I love it . Later on I entered one of their giveaways where they where giving away the entire lipsticks collection and I won . So I’m happy I have them all .

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