Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss | Review with Swatches


Hi Guys!!

I am a HUGE Becca Cosmetics Fan.  I have been very loyal to the brand since I discovered their ever so popular Opal Highlighter.  I have a ton of Becca products in my collection, and a lot more that I have on my wish list!!

When I first starting seeing swatches of these liquid crystal glow glosses, I knew I had to have a few of them, maybe even all of them!!

These glosses are limited edition and available only through Becca Cosmetics & Sephora.  They retail for $22 usd / $27 canadian.

Here is the product description:  These glosses are inspired by raw gemstones that have been melted down to liquid form, kaleidoscopic pearls shift shades as they catch the light to take every lip look to the next level.  Each shade features a custom mix of unique pearls blended together to create a multi-dimensional finish that flatters all skin tones.  The conditioning lip gloss formula is infused with a luxurious coconut and vanilla scent and enriched with nurturing ingredients that leave lips feeling lavishly soft and smooth.I have read a few reviews that these glosses have a bad smell and are not glossy… I completely disagree with these complaints!!  I am really sensitive to scent, and I don’t find them to be overpowering, strong or fragrant at all.  What I do pick up is notes of cake / vanilla, but only if I really focus on smelling them.  Also they are quite glossy and make my lips look ultra plump which I love.These glosses are creamy, thick and oh so hydrating!  They are so smooth on the lips and not at all chunky or gritty.  I love the packaging and the doe foot applicator.  So far My favourite way to use these glosses is on bare lips.  I just love how they look on their own.  They are so hard to capture their beauty on camera, so please go to Sephora to swatch these babies to see their true beauty!!

I am hooked and I will definitely be picking up backups of my favourite shades because I can’t imagine not having these on hand!  I haven’t stopped using them since I got them.

There are six shades and here are their descriptions:
  • Champagne Dream x Bellini – Soft peach with a rose gold shift
  • Opal x Jade – Golden opal pearl with a teal sapphire shift
  • Rose Quartz x Seashell – Rose with a hot pink shift
  • Amethyst x Geode – Lavender duo-chrome with an aquamarine shift
  • Pearl x Gold – Creamy pearl with a golden shift
  • Topaz x Gilt – Golden bronze with a soft emerald shift
My thoughts on each colour:
  • Champagne Dream x Bellini –  For my skin tone this one is the most wearable, and my absolute favourite!!  Its mostly peach with a hint of hot pink sparkles.  I love it on and I think a lot of different skin tones can easily wear this one.
  • Opal x Jade –  This has to be my second favourite.  It’s such a unique and stunning colour.  On me it pulls a very golden jade colour that I cant stop wearing and although it has a green shift I find it to be very flattering and easy to wear.  this one is ALWAYS in my purse!!
  • Rose Quartz x Seashell –  This one is another very wearable shade that a lot of people can pull off.  I would describe it as a golden pink with a hot pink sparkle.  It is SO pretty on the lips.
  • Amethyst x Geode –  I wanted this one to look amazing on me.  There’s just something about that blue mermaid lip vibe that makes me so happy.  But I feel like this one is just too blue for me to confidently pull off.  If you have no problem rocking a blue lip, then this colour is a must have for you!!  It is absolutely stunning and worth heading to Sephora to try it on and see if it works for you!!
  • Pearl x Gold –  I LOVE this one, but on my lips only the pearl shift shows, whereas swatched on my arm it looks gold.  This is too white for me to wear, but I think would look absolutely stunning on lighter skin tones, or perhaps someone who has less pigment in their lips.
  • Topaz x Gilt –  This one is gorgeous and another very unique colour, but on my lips its too much of a taupy-bronze, and the emerald shift is not flattering on my skin tone.  This would be amazing on someone with a darker skin tone!!

Have you tried these yet?? If not, please do so NOW!! If you are a gloss girl, then you definitely need these in your life!!

Xo Cassandra

(Topaz x Gilt and Amethyst x Geode)

(Pearl x Gold and Rose Quartz x Seashell)

(Champagne Dream x Bellini and Opal x Jade)

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