LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-To-Oil Review


Hi Guys!

I have recently been introduced to this wonderful brand.  LXMI, pronounced Luxe-Me, which was founded by Leila Janah after discovering Nilotica (LXMI’s signature ingredient) at a market in Uganda.  She immediately saw potential in the rare butter after seeing what it did to her troubled skin.  Once she learned that she could help East African women find dignified work through the wild harvesting, production and exportation of Nilotica, she knew she had to share her new skincare secret with the world.LXMI is committed to three distinct brand principles: 

  • Pure, rare ingredients from unique terroir
  • Going beyond charity to provide work for women, and
  • Natural and organic botanicals, often safe-enough-to-eat

I love the meaning behind this brand, and the standards they live by!!

I have been using this balm-to-oil for a few months now and I am absolutely in love.  This has become a staple in my nighttime routine, especially now that it is getting quite cold and dry out.

This balm is 100% certified organic, vegan, non-comedogenic, cruelty free AND its made with ONE ingredient…50 nuts from the Nile Valley!!  How is that for pure ingredients!!  It is said to deeply nourish thirsty skin and to help smooth visible imperfections.  The texture starts as a silky butter, and then absorbs quickly into skin and I find that a little goes a long way!

I have been using this on all my dry spots literally from head to toe!  I was sick for quite awhile and my nose was dry and chapped so I started putting this on at bed and it cleared up the dry chapped areas within a day!  I have also been using this on the tops of my hands and cuticles as they have been quite dry.  I also started using it as an eye cream at night, very sparingly, as I found that if I used too much, it would get into my eyes and burn a little.

I highly recommend this balm!  Every place I put it on, it just helps to nourish and heal the skin and the dryness.  It is definitely an ultra-hydrating skin savior and anyone who battles with any sort of dry spots would benefit from using this.

I also recommend picking up this copper wand.  Its only $8 and makes a huge difference and feels so nice and cooling when used around the eyes!!  I dont even keep it in my fridge and it stays so cold on its own.  One end is a spatula used for picking up the product and the copper side is used to help decrease any puffiness around the face and eyes and also to stimulate circulation!  And you can obviously use this with any of your current beauty products!  I think this is a wonderful little tool to have! 

You can purchase the balm directly through their website, or at Sephora and the copper wand can be purchased through their site only.

I honestly consider this product a winter must have and I am so happy I had the opportunity to review it!  I cannot wait to see what else she comes out with because this product has blown me away!

What are your winter skin must haves?!!  Let me know down below!

Xo Cassandra

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