NDXUSA Vitamins Review 

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Hi Guys!!

Lately Ive been on the hunt for the best gummy vitamins on the market and I discovered NDXUSA on Instagram.  What stood out to me was that they were an all natural brand that truly wanted to help people with their health.

Here is a description from their website:  NDX was created by a group of indiviuals deeply interested in health and nutrition.  Using advanced scienticfic discoveries, global botanical wisdom and innovative ingredients, we offer superior products to support your quest for a vibrant and active life. Our vision is to empower indiviuals to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Founded on what we like to call the 3 P princpals – People, Planet, Profit – we can only feel good about making a profit if we are helping people in a way that doesn’t hurt the planet. We are real people, with a real passion for making a difference.

I LOVE their vision and the 3 P Principals!!!  I also really love that they are made in the USA and each batch is lab tested to ensure quality and potency.

I have quite a few of their products, but I am going to talk about the ones that I am currently using.

CalciumDX Gummy Vitamins:

Let me start by saying that these gummies are delicious!!!  I have a really hard time swallowing pills so Im always looking for gummy options.  Research doesn’t show that calcium helps with nail growth, but I swear these have helped my nails significantly.  They are stronger, longer, and don’t curl up the way they use to.  If you are looking for a calcium supplement I highly HIGHLY recommend trying these vitamins out.

Green Detox DX:

These are said to cleanse and rejuvenate your body.  Surprisingly I am able to swallow these capsules, but they can also be opened up and sprinkled into drinks if you cannot stomach swallowing pills.  These are meant to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, restore pH balance, and detoxify to help you feel refreshed…including many other benefits!  What I love about these is that they really help ease any bloating I may have.

Gummy Cuties – Calcium:

I know how important calcium is for me to take, so naturally I wanted the same benefits for my two toddlers.  My kids LOVE these gummies.  What I love about them is that they have Vitamin D and are made with only the highest quality ingredients.  I feel confident giving these vitamins to my kids.

My husband also tried a sample of KrampKrusher:  These are another gummy vitamin geared towards athletes that help with energy and performance, hydration, cramping, and recovery.  My husband loved the boost these gave him for his workout!

I highly recommend these vitamins.  And I really appreciate that they are all natural, non-GMO and they taste so good!!

You can purchase them directly through their website or at Whole Foods, the Vitamin Shoppe, iherb.com, and Vitamin World.  I would love to see this brand make their way to Canada because I would love to be able to easily pick some up!!  There are so many more that Id love to try from the brand!!

What are your favourite vitamin brands?!!  Let me know down below!

Xo Cassandra



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