Artis Brush Cleaning System Review

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Hi Guys!!

I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the Artis Brush Cleaning System as I know many of you have been wondering if it’s worth it, or if its a necessity for cleaning your Artis Brushes.

My very first Artis brush was the Elite Gold Oval 7.  I cannot find the Gold version on their website, but here is the same brush from the Elite Mirror Collection.  Its the same brush, just a different colour.

I do have another blog post coming soon on the brushes themselves, but please feel free to ask me any questions down below!

My husband purchased this brush for me and I used it for around a year.  I used traditional methods for cleaning this brush, and I tried many different brush cleaning soaps, but nothing would thoroughly clean it.  It always looked dirty and had major build up of makeup on the brush fibres, almost like balls of old makeup sitting on the tips and deeper down the fibres as well.  This really bothered me considering the price of the brush itself.  I finally decided I needed to purchase the Artis Brush Cleaning System to see if it would properly clean my beloved Oval 7.

I ordered the cleaning system which included the cleansing foam and the brush cleaning pad, premier version that includes the chrome plated case.

As soon as I received my package I cleaned my dirty brush and I could not believe how well and how fast and easy it was to clean it.  Because my brush was so dirty, it took a few times of going back and forth on the cleaning pad to remove all the built up makeup.  I also dispensed some of the foam directly onto the fibres and let it sink in to really get deep since my brush was so dirty.

So is this cleaning system worth it??  YES!! Absolutely!  If you have any Artis brushes, then you definitely need their cleaning system as well.  I myself tried to get away with not placing the order in the hopes that I could somehow save the money… but once I realized I couldn’t properly clean my brush, I knew I had to give their cleaning system a try!

When using powder products all you have to do is gently run the brush back and forth on the cleaning pad without any of the cleansing foam making it easy to switch to another colour (i.e.. when using eyeshadows, bronzers or blush).  But when you use liquid products it is recommended to dispense a dollop of the cleansing foam onto the cloth or on the fibres of the brush to get a nice deep clean.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch a You Tube video explaining and showing how easy it is to clean with this system.

You can also use this cleaning system to clean all your other makeup brushes, it doesn’t strictly have to be used on Artis brushes.  I clean many of my other brushes with this system and it works so good on them as well.  See the two photos below of my brushes dirty and then after they have been cleaned with this system.

Also, for all my fellow Canadians, if you prefer to shop locally, Holt Renfrew just recently started selling Artis as well.

I hope you liked this review!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask down below!  I will also be posting some videos on my Instagram Stories showing how easy it is to clean my brushes, so be sure to follow my Instagram Account: @myriskelashes

Xo Cassandra

Everything I talk about in this post was purchased by me (or my husband) so this post is in no way sponsored.  These are my true thoughts!

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