Derma E | Natural Skin Care Products | Review


Hi Guys!

I just discovered the brand Derma E and I was happy to learn that they are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and GMO-free!  They pride themselves on having high ethical standards and they promise to never compromise on skin health and safety.

They do not use any harmful chemicals and they also care about what eventually ends up in our waters and ecosystems, therefore all of their packaging components are recyclable. They truly care about their customers, and our planet and I love that about this brand!!

They sent me a few products to try out so I thought I would review each item for you!

Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil:

This is a rinse free oil that leaves your skin ultra soft and hydrated, but not at all greasy!  It contains Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil, which delivers a concentrated boost of antioxidant-rich moisture and essential hydration.  Jojoba Oil provides moisture to dry skin while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I love this cleansing oil because it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft, and deeply nourished.  It has a nice rose scent that is not at all overly scented.  I have combo / oily skin and I love cleansing my skin with this oil.

The way I use this oil is I apply it to my dry face with dry hands.  I massage the oil in for awhile, then I take my wet cleansing mitt (you can also use any  damp wash cloth) and I simply wipe the oil from my face.  I rinse my mitt and wipe my face a few more times and this truly takes off all my makeup!  I normally use makeup remover for my eye makeup first, but this oil will also easily remove eye makeup.

I have used this cleansing oil every single night since I received it and I absolutely love it!

Radiant Glow Face Oil by SunKissAlba:

This facial oil was created in collaboration with SunKissAlba, a popular YouTuber who loves all things Organic and Non-Toxic.  Check out her Instagram and YouTube channel…this girl is absolutely stunning!!

This oil contains organic Jojoba Oil, organic Argan Oil and organic Seabuckthorn Oil.  All of these oils help to moisturize to help combat dehydration, smooth the skin and the appearance of wrinkles, and add radiance with mineral-rich mica.

It smells very organic and natural to me, it’s not my favourite scent, but I much prefer this over sweet smelling chemicals!

I apply this morning and night, or throughout the day when ever I may feel dry and parched! I love the way this oil feels on the skin and I love the glow it gives!! I highly recommend this product as well!

Overnight Peel:

This overnight peel is said to reveal dramatically fresher, newer skin overnight with this skin-brightening blend of glycolic sugar cane and fruit acids.

So far I have used this four times as you are only suppose to use it once a week, and I can say that I absolutely love it.  I love that it is very gentle, and naturally exfoliates the skin.  I enjoy that it is very easy to use, replacing your night cream once a week for the face and neck.  I can’t say that I have seen huge changes in my skin, but I do think it has helped with some texture issues that I have been having.

I really enjoy this product and I am so happy to have it in my routine!

That is all for now!  I hope you all enjoyed this review.  Have you tried Derma-e??  Let me know down below what your favourite product from the line is!!

Xo Cassandra

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