Kat Von D Shade + Light Glimmer Eye Contour Palette | Review with Swatches

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Hi Guys!!

As soon as I started seeing this palette float around Instagram I knew I had to have it.  Im a sucker for rich, warm tones and the fact that the shadows had glimmer made it a no-brainer for me!  I HAD TO HAVE IT!!

I purchased mine online from Sephora Canada for $64.  Not cheap if you ask me.  But so far I have loved all the Kat Von D products that I’ve tried so I didn’t mind spending a little more for a palette if it was really good.  I had high hopes.

This palette includes base shades, contour shades, define shades, and topcoat shades.  I will describe each of these below.

The 3 Base Shades are all Satin Shadows…Porcelain, Dusk & Dune.  I thought that the shade Dune (satin peach) would be a stunning crease / transition shade, and while it swatches beautifully with my finger, it just didn’t translate well onto my lids, and the colour would not show up on me.  I had to go into a different palette of mine to get a good matte crease colour.

Then we have 3 Contour Shades which are the Metallic shadows…Copper, Cinder, and Rust.  I found these shadows took quite a few tries to build up any pigmentation with a brush.  The brush that I had the best luck with is my MAC 215 medium shader brush.  I got a ton of fallout with these contour shades, and the amount of time that it took to build up the colour just was not worth the time for me.

Kat did release a brush designed to go with this palette but I heard a lot of people claim that the brush made no difference with the application of these shadows.  Since the brush is $32 Canadian, I decided to pass on it.

Next we have 3 Define Shades which are the glitter shadows…Bronze, Onyx and Jasper.  These shades also gave me a lot of fallout, and again, it took a lot to build up the colours.  The black shade was on the dry / powdery side and was not as black as it shows in the swatch on Sephora’s site.

And last we have 3 Topcoat Shades which are the special effect glimmer shadows.  These are the most shimmering shades and they are absolutely stunning!  The shade names are Sterling, Glacier, and Quartz.  Quartz is by far my fav.  The first two are very similar in colour, which was a little disappointing. And I found that these shadows work best with my finger.

I tried numerous times now with my fingers, and different brushes to make these shadows work for me.  And being a Mom of two toddlers, I just don’t have the time, or the patience it takes to put a look together with this palette.  The shade range and different textures are to die for, so if you have the time to work with these shadows and you don’t mind fallout, then id say give this palette a shot!!  But if you are like me and you dont have the time for finicky eyeshadows that take so much time and work to build-up, and then more time to clean up all the fallout then id say pass on this beauty.  Sorry Kat!!

I truly hate to give her a bad review because I love her beauty line so much! I cant deny just how beautiful this palette is both inside and out, and I have heard others who really enjoy this palette, so I urge you to try the palette for yourself to see if it works for you!! Just because it didnt work for me, does not mean you wont love it!! And thank god for Sephora’s amazing return policy… you can bring back absolutely anything if you are not 100% satisfied.

I hope you have found this review helpful, and I hope you like my swatches!!



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