Kaplan MD Skin Fit Superset Review

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Hi Guys!

Im sure you know by now that I am a skin care junkie!  I want to try all the skin care on the market and share my thoughts with you!  Theres just something about good skin care that really excites me!

I was sent this Skin Fit Superset for review from Kaplan MD, and I can honestly say that I fell hard in love the first time that I used it.

“The Skin Fit Superset is the answer for instantly smooth, glowing, blemish-free skin!”

This set includes three items:

Radiant Glow Microfolliant – This gentle polish is formulated with powerful Fruit Enzymes, Bamboo Beads, 22 Certified Organic Extracts, and Plant Stem Cell Technology to effectively remove dead skin using ultra-gentle rice beads, to unclog pores and surface impurities for a soft, smooth, radiant glow.

Clarifying Facial Mist – This mist refines skin texture and balances pH for a soft, luminous complexion.  Formulated with Rosewater, Hyaluronic Acid, 22 Certified Organic Extracts and Plant Stem Cell Technology to tighten pores, hydrate skin and calm redness for clear, refreshed skin.

Glow Giving Facial Sponge – Intended to remove the Radiant Glow Microfoliant for maximum skin smoothing benefits.

My Thoughts:

I use this set every morning, or every second morning.  I love that it’s gentle enough to use every single day, yet has the right amount of grit to it so that you can feel it working when you massage it in.  The suggested way to use the face wash is to massage it onto the skin using damp fingertips.  Let sit for 1 min to allow Enzymes to activate, then rinse off with water or use the Glow Sponge to remove.

I prefer to massage it onto dry skin with dry fingers so that I am really working it into the skin without any barriers.  I was once told years ago by a dermatologist to always apply face wash to dry skin, water can create a barrier making it more difficult for face wash to penetrate the skin.  Once I started practicing this technique I found it made a huge difference in the clarity of my skin!  If you have troubled skin, try applying your face wash to dry skin!

Once a week or more, I leave the face wash on for longer than one minute.  I love how it has a thicker consistency so that it feels like a face mask.  I then wet the sponge and use that to massage and rinse off.  I am surprisingly really impressed by the sponge and I will continue to use it in my skincare routine.

I also really love the facial spray.  It sprays really nice onto the skin (some sprays squirt out too aggressively, or in a straight line and I really dislike that).  This one shoots wide and evenly and coats the skin perfectly.  They suggest spraying it on, then tapping it into the skin.  I can really see a difference this makes when I have redness.  Somehow it makes the redness disappear instantly!

This set is marketed towards active women / for pre and post workouts… I am a stay at home mom who currently does not work out and I love this set too!  I love that it comes in a handy case, and that the set is small making it perfect for travel or on the go, but I would LOVE to see these available in full sized bottles as I am almost out of both products and I can’t imagine not having these in my daily / weekly skincare routine!!

Kaplan MD please release full sized bottles of both products!!! 

I am in love with this set and I think you will be too!  They truly created products that work and I can see a difference in my skin after using them for just under 6 weeks.  My skin is smooth, clear, and my pore size is noticeably smaller!!

I hope you guys love this review as much as I loved writing it!!

Until next time,

Xo Cassandra

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