Sephora Collection Micellar Cleansing Water & Milk

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Hi Guys!

I always surf the sale section of Sephora’s Website, and I often try new products based on their low sale price!

I came across something from the Sephora Collection and I was so blown away that I knew I had to share these with you.

Sephora Collection Micellar Cleansing Water & Milk 
“No-rinse, travel-size cleansers that use the technology of micelle molecules to effortlessly remove makeup without leaving a greasy or sticky residue”

These are on sale for $6 each!!!!  Run and get them all NOW!

As I am writing this review, I only have two of them, Coconut and Charcoal… BUT I just purchased them all online, and I bought FIVE more of the Coconut ones, because they have completely blown me away.

I am going to pop into my nearest Sephora store to find out if these are being discontinued or simply being repackaged.  Either way, grab them while you can at $6 a pop!

The package IS small (100 ml), but highly worth the price.  I think these may have just replaced my holy grail Bioderma Cleansing Water.

These come in two formulas, water and milk and are said to be good for all skin types.  I have combo skin, and both Coconut & Charcoal work so well with my skin.  I tend to use Coconut all the time, and Charcoal when I am having breakouts.  I normally always do the “double-cleanse” method, and I will use Micellar water before or after a cleansing oil to make sure all my makeup is off my skin.  These are not at all harsh on the skin, and safe for every day use and I love that they can be used on the eyes.

Coconut – Soothing & Relaxing (Milk)

Charcoal – Purifying & Detoxifying (Water) – Make sure to shake this one before use!

Green Tea – Mattifying & Anti-Blemish (Water)

Yuzu – Revitalizing & Toning (Water)

Pomegranate – Anti-Fatigue & Energizing (Water)

Have you tried these yet?!!  If not, which ones are speaking to you!!

I hope you liked this review!

Xo Cassandra

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