Skin Authority | Beauty Infusion Review

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Hi Guys!

I have recently discovered the brand Skin Authority, and I have been quite impressed with the brand, and with many of the products that I have tried from them.

I love that they use renewable energy to offset their carbon footprint.  They also use recycled paper, plastics and glass.  They print with soy ink, and eliminate most outer cartons and secondary packaging.  If their product does not need a box, they will most definitely not use a box and I LOVE that!

“If we don’t need a box, we don’t use a box”

I love that they have a “clean skin care approach” and say no to added parabens, added dyes, added perfumes, added microbeads, and most importantly they do not test on animals!! 

Now on to my review!!

Of all the products that I have tried from the brand, I wanted to start by sharing their Beauty Infusions with you.  They currently have four of them, and I currently have two that I use weekly.  The other two are on my wishlist as I feel my skin would really benefit from them all.

I would describe these as a light beauty oil that is not at all greasy or heavy.  They are also like a mixing medium as they can be added into other skincare, creams, foundations, primers, you name it!  They can also be applied onto your hair!!  The possibilities are endless with these beauty infusions and I love that!!

“Add a few drops to your favorite foundation or skin care product, or apply directly on your skin as a standalone skin primer”

Quinoa & Avocado for Hydration – Quinoa Proteins & Avocado Oils reduces the appearance of fine lines while firming the skin to create hydrated and smooth / supple skin.

Turmeric & Blueberry for Brightening – Tumeric is known for its potent antioxidant and inflammatory properties, which is good for those who suffer from acne & eczema.  Combine this with the antioxidants from the blueberries to fade dark spots and discolouration creates radiant and naturally illuminated skin.

Probiotics for Clarifying – This Infusion uses friendly bacteria to help increase skin clarity.  It normalizes pH balance, combats the appearance of inflammation, dry patches, rosacea, breakouts, and large pores.  So basically magic in a bottle!!

Swertia Chirata for Anti-Aging – Swertia Chirata helps improve the look of aged skin, wrinkles and roughness to restore the youthful look and texture of the skin.

I will typically mix these with other beauty oils or creams for an extra boost of hydration / anti-aging.  I will also use these on their own in the place of a beauty oil or to replace a serum. I also like to put these on top of everything as my last skincare step. Another trick that I love to do is to put a drop on my damp beauty blender and use that to blend my concealer out under my eyes, this helps to eliminate any dryness or cakeyness!!  Either way I use these, I am always happy to add a boost to my skincare routine!

Have you tried anything from Skin Authority yet?!!  If not, what are you waiting for!!!!

Xo Cassandra

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