Derma E | Natural Skin Care | Skin Restore Collection | Review


Hi Guys,

I have been using a few products from Derma E’s new Skin Restore Collection… better known as Nature’s Botox for a few weeks now and I wanted to share my thoughts on these two products with you. (Update: its been months now and I am still loving both of these products).

I have reviewed Derma E on my blog in the past, so if you would like to read more about the brand, please click here.

“Feel Forever Young!  Powerful Anti-aging peptides and collagen for younger looking skin”

The two products that I am currently using and loving is their Advanced Peptides and Collagen Serum, and their Advanced Peptides and Collagen Eye Cream. They also have a moisturizer from this line that I have yet to try.

I can definitely call myself a Skincare Aficionado. I have tried many many different products on the market, so when I say that these two products are good, I can say it with confidence. THESE TWO PRODUCTS ARE GOOD!! And you definitely need them!

Advanced Peptides and Collagen Serum – I love this serum because it is oil-free and a touch thicker than most serums I own, but still lightweight. I find it to be ultra nourishing and hydrating and it leaves my skin feeling very smooth and soft. You can use this serum on its own, but I always prefer to follow it with a moisturizer. This serum is packed with powerhouse anti-aging ingredients to help smooth wrinkles and support healthy collagen for youthful skin and I truly love the way it makes my skin look and feel!

Advanced Peptides and Collagen Eye Cream – This eye cream is said to support collagen for healthy-looking tone and texture. I am extremely impressed and blown away by this eye cream and I can’t stop using it. It is ultra hydrating and moist, has a really nice consistency / creamy texture and reminds me of a cream / primer. I do not own an eye cream with this same texture / formula. My eyes feel so nourished and supple and I love how wet this cream feels, yet not at all watery. It is a very unique formula and I highly recommend this to everyone!

Both of these products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, and GMO-free.

I live in Canada, and I know that a lot of my following is also from Canada. I am happy to report that Canadians can purchase Derma E products at Whole Foods, which is nice to avoid shipping and duties. I also heard that London Drugs in Canada is now carrying Derma E products, so keep your eye out!!

I hope you liked this review!

Let me know down below what your favourite Derma E products are!

Xo Cassandra

* These products were sent to me as PR Samples

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