Artis Brushes: Fluenta 5 Brush Set Review

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Hi Guys!

I am a self professed makeup junkie and a makeup brush junkie! There is just something about a good makeup brush that I can appreciate! And I truly do believe that a flawless application starts with a good makeup brush!

I first discovered Artis Brushes quite a few years ago when my husband surprised me with the Elite Gold Oval 7. The Gold Version is no longer available, but here is the platinum version.

I wanted to review the Fluenta 5 Brush Set for you guys because I have been using these brushes for almost 8 months now and I would have to say that they are a huge staple in my brush collection.

This set comes with five brushes that can be used for many different applications. Below are some of the suggested uses directly from the Artis Website. If you click the above link and scroll down, you will also see a chart that suggests more uses for each brush. My advice is to never be afraid to try using brushes for different things even if they are not suggested to be used that way. What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. I always play around with my brushes to try to find my perfect brush, and perfect application.

  • Oval 6 – Foundation, Blush, Contour
  • Oval 4 – Eye makeup, Contour, Concealer
  • Oval 3 – Eye makeup, Concealer, Skincare
  • Linear 1 – Eye liner, Brows
  • Circle 1 – Lip colour, Eye shadow, Spot Concealer

Of these five brushes, my two favourites have to be the Oval 6 and the Oval 4. These two are my most used, and most treasured!! I love to use the Oval 4 to lay down cream contour. It makes perfect lines exactly where my contour is meant to be and fits my face contours perfectly. I then take the Oval 6 to blend out the cream contour and it is so quick and easy. I have demonstrated this many times on my insta stories to show just how easy these brushes are to use. Make sure you follow me on Instagram as I always talk about these brushes and I show how I like to use them.

I love that you only need to use a little bit of product as these brushes make makeup go a very long way, less is always more when using Artis, especially when using cream products. Be sure to use soft and gentle back and forth strokes, and always glide the brush across your skin, never pounce or stipple as you would with traditional brushes. Also make sure you never pour liquids directly onto the bristles as often shown on Instagram!! You don’t want the makeup to seep deep down into the fibre bundles. It took me a bit of time to get use to using these brushes as they are very different from traditional makeup brushes, but once you get the hang of them, I promise you will be hooked because the outcome is always flawless.

Canadians can now purchase the Fluenta Collection, the Cleaning Pad, and the Cleansing Foam at Holt Renfrew Canada in store and online! For all my fellow Canadians, have a look here to see what Holt Renfrew has to offer. I have also been seeing some Artis Brushes at Winners in Canada, so make sure to keep checking because you may score big!!

I have already reviewed the Artis Brush Cleaning System on my blog, if you are curious click here to give it a read. I do personally think that this cleaning system is very worth the price and very necessary for keeping your Artis Brushes, and other brushes in your collection clean!

It is safe to say that I love these brushes and I highly recommend them to you guys!! I definitely want to keep adding to my collection. Next on my wish list would have to be the Elite Mirror Oval 6 and the Palm Brush Mini.

Did you guys know that some of the Artis Brushes are now sold at Sephora Canada!!!!  There is a god!

I hope you guys liked this review!!

Xo Cassandra

* These brushes were sent to me as PR Samples

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