Benefit Cosmetics | A Perfect Mascara For Every Lash!!


Hi Guys!

Benefit Cosmetics is well known for their They’re Real Lengthening Mascara, in fact its the #1 best-selling prestige mascara in Canada!! Now they have 3 incredible mascaras that promise to volumize, curl & lift, and lengthen. What are your mascara needs and preferences??!! Chances are Benefit has you covered!!

“May your brow game be strong, lashes long, and hustle on!”

They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara– $32 – “Bigger, Bolder, Sexier Lashes”

I love this mascara and I have gone through countless tubes of it. Whenever Sephora has these as perks I always pick up another tube so that I always have a backup!! This mascara is said to be long-wearing and smudge-proof and I fully agree. I love how it volumizes my tiny, short, straight lashes and how it lengthens them as well. When I use the wand and wiggle it from side to side at the base of my lashes I find that this really helps to add the most volume and lash separation. I then take the end of the wand and move it in an upward motion to lengthen and further separate my lashes and I find that this is the best technique for me to get my largest lashes. Benefit has a really fantastic YouTube video showing a demonstration of this mascara, click the above link and scroll down to find it. I found this tutorial to be so helpful to really maximize all the benefits of the mascara and I definitely learned some new tricks from them to get my best lashes.

Roller Lash Curling Mascara – $32 – “Curl Power” 

This mascara contains provitamin B5 and serin, ingredients known for their lash-conditioning benefits. My preferred way to use this mascara is to curl my lashes, apply two coats, then I apply two more coats of the BadGal Bang Mascara on top to really plump up and volumize my short, straight lashes. Im sad to say that this mascara is my least favourite of the three as I know this has become a cult classic on YouTube and Instagram. I just don’t find that it plumps up my lashes enough for me to feel satisfied only wearing this mascara. It does lift and lengthen them, but I prefer a mascara that really volumizes and plumps up my lashes as the other two do. My lashes are very straight, and very short and sparse so my preference is always the thicker the better. For those of you that have naturally long and thick lashes, I have heard that this mascara is holy grail status so I do recommend it to you!!

BadGal Bang! Volumising Mascara – $32 – “Lashes out of this world”

This mascara is definitely my favourite of the three! It makes a HUGE difference for me in length and volume, whereas most mascaras on the market don’t make any kind of impact. It is smudge-proof and water-resistant and can be built up layer after layer without looking overly chunky or unattractive. It is said to create massive volume without weighing down lashes and I agree 100%. The brush is super slim making it easy to wiggle the wand from roots to lash tip, inner corner to outer corner, and I also find it easy to use on my tiny lower lashes. Truth be told, I don’t even have to curl my lashes beforehand for this mascara to plump up my naturally teeny tiny lashes. I currently have a tube of this in my purse at all times and I would have to say that this is one of my all time favourite mascaras (there is only two in total fyi!!). Plus have you seen the incredibly stunning packaging!!! If you love their They’re Real Mascara, this is that but on some serious steroids!!! This mascara is a total show stopper from the inside out and I highly recommend picking it up!!

All of these Mascaras come in a mini size that are $17 each or you can purchase their Mascara-Rama value set that includes all three Mascaras in the mini size, for $26 which is an amazing deal if you ask me!! Its the perfect set to try all three mascaras to find out which works best for you, or a fab gift idea!!

Have you tried any of these Mascaras?? What’s your favourite of the three??

Xo Cassandra

* Benefit Cosmetics was kind enough to send me these three mascaras as PR Samples

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