Cover FX Setting Sprays

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Hi Guys!

I am a huge fan of Cover FX and their setting sprays, so I knew I had to review them for you. They have four sprays in total and I currently own three of them. I truly LOVE these setting sprays and what I love the most about them is that they are all ALCOHOL-FREE!!! Amen to that!!!

COVER FX is vegan, cruelty-free, clean beauty. They are free of parabens, fragrance, mineral oil, talc, gluten, sulfates, and phthalates.

Dewy Finish Setting Spray:

I am obsessed with this setting spray!! The mist is ultra fine and fans out so nicely and my favourite way to use this spray is to focus it on the outer portions of my face, making sure to avoid my forehead and nose as I do get oily throughout the day. I also love spraying my beauty blender with this and then dipping it into my perfect light highlighter powder. The effect gives such a beautiful glossy glow and I am obsessed!! I never feel greasy or too dewy, even though I get a little spray happy and definitely spray more than I should. I have to say that this is way better than Tatcha’s famous Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and I think that the Cover FX version works much better for oily / combination skin types! If you have oily skin, I highly suggest giving this one a try as I never thought this would be something that I could use and love! Head to Sephora and spray your face with the tester to see if it works for you!

Mattifying Setting Spray:

My combination skin tends to get quite oily in my Tzone throughout the day so I am always excited to try out products like this. I love this spray and how it sprays out. I never end up looking dry or flat and my favourite way to use it is to spray my face after primer, before foundation, and again after my full face is done to set everything and lock in my oils! This technique helps to keep me matte for way longer than without the spray and my makeup truly lasts and looks fresh for hours! I also enjoy that this gives a “modern matte” effect rather than a dry-flat matte appearance.

High Performance Setting Spray:

This setting spray is SO good. It really prolongs the wear of my makeup, and it actually helps to keep me matte for quite a long time, even though it doesn’t claim to mattify the face. I love that this spray protects against pollution and is also alcohol-free. Alcohol is SO bad for the skin, and I truly wish all beauty brands would stop using it in their products. Another way that I LOVE to use this spray is to actually spray my foundation brush or sponge then apply my foundation and concealer to really work it into my skin. I find that this really helps keep my makeup set and keep my oils at bay! This spray truly is magic in a bottle and if you could only choose one, I think that this one is really versatile and would suit most skincare needs.

Illuminating Setting Spray:

This is the spray that I do not currently own, but it definitely sounds wonderful and I would love to see how it compares to my favourite of the three I own, the Dewy Finish Setting Spray. I will update this blog when I get that one too!

I hope you guys liked this review! Let me know if you own any of these and which one is your favourite!

Xo Cassandra

* This post contains PR Samples *


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