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Hi Guys,

I was recently sent a fun little package that took me back, back into my late teens / early 20’s and I love the nostalgia that Calgon’s Take Me Away Fragrance Mist gives me. Especially the scent Hawaiian Ginger!! Hawaiian Ginger was my go to scent for many many years, and I love having it back in my rotation.

I love these Fragrance mists because they are light and airy, to me they are the perfect summer perfume / vacation & beach perfume and they are also ideal to carry in your gym bag. These have the perfect nozzle that mists out the fragrance just right.

Hawaiian Ginger

Notes: Melon, Ginger & Orange

As I said above, this was my favourite scent for many years. And in my 30’s I am still loving this Cult Classic. It’s one part sweet, one part musky, and the rest is just delicious!

Morning Glory

Notes: Jasmine, Geranium, Violet, Rose & Orchid

I do not normally like floral perfume, but this one is very fresh and light, and more clean than floral in my opinion. For that reason I love this scent!!

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Notes: Pink & White Floral Aromas, Supple Musk, and Woody Balsam

This scent might just be my new favourite! OMG it smells delicious, fresh, sweet, and a touch musky just the way I like it! If I could only recommend one of these, I would choose this one. The smell is intoxicating!

I love that these bottles are plastic so you can easily pop these into your purse or bag and touch up while you are out. The price point is also extremely affordable!

You can purchase Calgon products at Shoppers Drug Mart & Walmart and many other online retailers.

A big warm thank you to Brill Communications for sending me these Calgon goodies!

I hope you guys loved this review, and hopefully I brought you back to the good ole days!

Xo Cassandra

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