Doll 10 Beauty | Smooth Assist Restorative Sleep Treatment

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Hi Guys,

I am SO excited for this launch! Doll 10 Beauty just released their FIRST product from their Skincare Line. This excites me for two reasons. First, this Smooth Assist Restorative Sleep Treatment is incredible and does wonders to the skin, and second, if this is their first product in their skincare line, that means more is coming!!!!!

Give Me ALL the Doll 10 Skincare Please!!!

Where Doctor-Developed Formulas & Clean Ingredients Meet High-Performance Beauty.

I have had the opportunity to test out this mask for a month now and I can say that it was truly love at first application.

There are so many benefits to this mask that I think everyone needs in a skincare product. It helps with fine lines & wrinkles, skin texture, pore size, dry patches, dullness, redness, & breakouts. It also repairs the moisture barrier, restores the skins elasticity, and plumps the skin… the list goes on!

What It Is:

A doctor-developed, skin-smoothing, radiance-boosting sleeping treatment powered by Smooth Assist™ technology. It contains Aloe Vera extract, Rose of Jericho & Hyaluronic Acid for a post-facial glow with every use. Made in USA.

Rose Of Jericho: Known to repair skin, heal wounds and allows the skin to retain moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid: Nature’s Miracle Ingredient! This active is naturally produced by our bodies and binds 1000x it’s weight in water to the skin’s surface.

Aloe Vera Extract: Works to hydrate the skin, promotes healing, and repairs the moisture barrier.

This mask is SO hydrating and literally feels cooling & wet when going on. It is not at all heavy or sticky and feels like nothing on the skin. It is such a unique texture, something I have never felt before! And I have tried a lot of masks!! The scent is very clean & light and does not linger on the skin, therefore those with scent sensitivities will not be bothered at all.

A little goes a long way so this jar will definitely last a long time.

Intensely hydrating sleep treatment floods skin with multi-layer hydration while you sleep. Each level of your skin is plumped, hydrated & brought back to life by morning.

How To Use It:

This is a mask that can be used daily. You can use it as the last step of your regular night routine (serum, moisturizer, sleep mask) or you can simply use the mask in place of your moisturizer. Apply a thin layer all over your face, I normally wait about an hour, then go to sleep and wake up with beautiful skin! I love that this mask is safe to use around the eyes, just be mindful not to get it into your eyes! I also always apply it to the tops of my hands!!

I have said it once and I will say it again, overnight sleeping masks are my ABSOLUTE favourite! It is literally the easiest way to get your masking done!

Another way that I have been using this mask is in the morning. I will wake up, cleanse my skin, apply the mask, then get my day going with my kids. I leave it on for a minimum of one hour then I will hop in the shower to remove the mask.

It has really helped with the redness that I suffer in my skin, I have also noticed a difference in the size of my pores. My makeup has been applying so much better because of how smooth and hydrated my skin is. My skin looks incredible and my breakouts have been happening less frequently and I 1000% attribute it to this mask! I am OBSESSED and I am SO impressed with Doll 10’s First Skincare Launch! I highly recommend this product and I truly feel that it is something that everyone can benefit from!

I was given a discount code to share with my following. Use RISKEDOLL15 to save 15% off your order. I do earn a small commission off this code, but that goes towards funding this blog. Thank You to everyone who uses this code!

In case you didnt know, Doll 10 Beauty is always Cruelty-Free and formulated without Parabens, Phthalates & Sulfates. This is one of the many reasons that I love the brand so much!

Here is Doll 10’s YouTube video explaining all about this incredible sleep treatment. I found it to be very informative, and I think you will too. Watch Here.

Do you love sleeping masks as much as I do?? Let me know down below!

* Gifted but not sponsored!

Xo Cassandra