Eco Tools 360 Ultimate Blend Brush Kit Review

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Hi Guys,

My friends over at Brill Communications sent over a brush set from Eco Tools that is so unique, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you!

I have been purchasing Eco Tools Brushes for YEARS now. The quality of their brushes is top notch, and I definitely have quite a few holy grail brushes from the brand in my collection. I have brushes that are over 5 years old, and I have never had one fall apart or fail me! Eco Tools is easily one of the best brands at the drugstore!

Introducing, the 360 Ultimate Blend Brush Kit. It Includes 3 very unique designs thus is why I wanted to share these with you.

The 360 Ultimate Blend Kit is designed with 3 densely packed, domed brush heads for a quick application and a perfectly blended finish.
Ultimate Buff:

To apply foundation

I LOVE this brush to apply foundation, and I honestly did not think I would like it because it is extremely dense. It blends foundation into the skin with ease and so quickly. The only con is how large and flat it is, making it hard to get into small places, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. I just love this brush and I love the way it makes all my base products look on my skin!

Ultimate Pop:

To blend cream or stick blush

This is a fabulous brush to blend out all cream cheek products. I apply the blush directly to my cheeks, and use the brush to blend it out. It blends like a dream, and is so quick and easy because of how dense, yet soft the brush is. This just might be my favourite of the three.

Ultimate Cover:

To blend concealer, or apply highlighter

This brush works so well to conceal around the face. It also works really well with stick concealers under the eye. I have not yet tried it for cream highlighters, but I assume it will work wonders to blend that out as well!

All three brushes are a really good weight and feel really nice in the hand. The quality is definitely there, and I love how unique these are. I also love how dense, yet soft these brushes are. I prefer a denser brush for more sheer products, as it really helps to disperse more pigment. They give more coverage than a fluffy brush or a wet sponge.

I think that these are a fabulous set to gift to someone, or add to your collection if you are looking for new brushes from the drugstore.

Thank you for this opportunity Eco Tools, as always I am in love with your quality and performance and I cannot wait to try some new tools from you!

Xo Cassandra

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