Belif | The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb & Youth Creator – Age Knockdown Bomb Serum

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Hi Guys,

If you follow me on any of my other social channels you may already know that I am completely in love with Beliefs The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. It works so well on my skin even though it is said to be more suited for normal – dry skin. I have also been testing out their first anti-aging serum so I wanted to do a full review for you guys!

Belif is a relatively new brand to me, but from all the products that I have tried so far, I am very much in love with them. I love that they use pure, clean ingredients, they are a “Clean at Sephora” brand, and they are Korean! I always love Korean Skincare and truly believe that K-Beauty is the best!

“Belif combines time-tested apothecary herbal traditions and modern Korean Skin Science to provide the utmost care and efficacy for skin”

The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

For Normal / Dry Skin

( For dryness and loss of elasticity and firmness )

What it is: A Lightweight yet indulgent cream with a comforting, cushiony, whipped texture, that provides intense moisture for up to 26 hours. Skin looks and feels smooth, supple & deeply nourished. Formulated with Comfrey Leak that is known to help soothe, hydrate & detoxify.

I love this cream day or night, especially during the cold / dry winter. It leaves my skin feeling ultra smoothed, hydrated, and very soft to the touch. I agree that it delivers intense hydration without any feeling of heaviness or stickiness. This cream also worked really well for me during the summer, but I do not live somewhere that gets super hot or humid. In the summer I definitely prefer this at night. Keep that in mind depending on your skin type and where you live!

The texture is very smooth, it give a slippery smoothing effect, that is not at all heavy or greasy. Its so hydrating and makes for a good makeup primer as well, especially with matte foundations.

The scent of this cream is very light, almost scentless. I cant really detect any specific notes in it. I would say it just smells very clean and natural.

“The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb was the number one selling product in Korea’s highly competitive selective beauty market across all categories”

I highly recommend this cream to anyone, except those who are ultra oily all over the face. I have combination skin that is oily in my Tzone and it works very well for me. If you crave hydration, you have to try this cream out! I have already finished one jar, and it’s rare I finish jars of anything these days with all the stuff that I test out! I am on my second jar and not looking back!

I am equally obsessed with their new Youth Creator – Age Knockdown Bomb Serum. The texture is beautiful and reminds me of my all time favourite serum. Its a thicker texture (which I LOVE in a serum), but not at all heavy or greasy. Here’s a photo to show you that the consistency is not super fluid / watery.

Youth Creator – Age Knockdown Bomb Serum

For Normal, Dry & Combination Skin

( For fine lines, wrinkles, pores & loss of firmness & elasticity )

What it is: Belif’s first anti-aging serum from the best selling bomb collection. An antioxidant-rich serum with a unique silky and quick absorbing texture. It floods fine-lines with moisture, shrinks pores and improves the skin’s elasticity, leaving it healthy and radiant. Developed with a secret formula packed with superior anti-oxidant-rich herbs.

As I said above I LOVE this serum and I am sad that this is just a mini size because I know it’s going to be empty soon!

This serum is so hydrating that on super busy days I can get away with only using this, because well, Mom Life! It leaves my skin feeling so supple, soft, and really nourished. This serum is so good that it has landed itself in my top 5 serums of all time! I havent used it long-term, so I cannot say that it does all that it claims, BUT Im really good at telling right away if I like something, and whether or not it benefits my skin. This definitely benefits my skin!

The texture is SO incredible. As I said above it has a thicker consistency which I always crave in a serum, but is never heavy or sticky. It just feels like your skin but 10000x better!

The scent is a nice light, fresh, citrus scent that does not linger, does not overpower, and will not bother those with a sensitive nose. I am sensitive and this gives me no issues!

If you haven’t yet tried Belif Skincare, I highly recommend these two. I am so impressed that I now have so many products on my wishlist from the brand. What are you favouite Belif products? Let me know down below.

Xo Cassandra

Thank You @belifCanada, @Influenster and @myavoncanada for these products! I am so in love * Gifted #belifinmoisture #complimentary

You can purchase Belif products on their websites,, Avon Canada, Sephora Canada, and various other retailers!

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